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~Bethany's Online Scrapbook~

The following are items that I have in my scrapbook...memories of things I've been able to do over the year and that I am proud of!

In 2001 I made my first woodburning for my brother in law, who loves Lynyrd Skynyrd for his birthday.
I also entered it in the fair and it won first place!

(click image to enlarge )

In 2001, the Woodland Community Hospital commissioned me to draw a picture of a mother and child for the bags they give out to new mothers who deliver there. I delivered two of my babies at this hospital.

(click image to enlarge )

In 2002, a rock band from Wisconsin, called "Recoil", asked me to design a CD cover for their album. The title of the album was "Sprung" and you can see it inside the ball.

(click image to enlarge )

In 2004, I designed this police badge for the Hanceville Police Department, and it is the one they are wearing today.

(click image to enlarge )

In 2003, Little Reader Books asked me to design a logo for their website. I drew this little bear by hand, and colored him in Adobe Photoshop. You can visit Little Reader Books by clicking the link below:


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