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"Rick and Bubba"

December 2005

My first attempt at an airbrushed background (My husband bought me the airbrush set for Christmas this year, and this is my first painting attempt with it!)
I am using acrylic paint watered down in the airbrush and I am just painting the faces with paintbrushes and acrylic paint as usual. :)

Spraying the first coat of background on. I have masking tape over the parts I have roughly drawn the faces.

After spraying the second coat of paint for the background, the masking tape is peeled off to reveal the faces

Closeup of the faces as they appear at this stage.

First I color in their eyes...the eyes are always the first that I do in any drawing or painting.

Adding a little color to the shirt and the hair of Rick and Bubba

I know what you're thinking...they look hideous, right? Just be patient. They do look hideous and I go through a "oh no" panic mode at this stage, but it usually works itself out in the end.

Bubba's still hideous looking, but Rick is finally beginning to emerge!






Rick's face will no longer be scaring small children. He's looking more realistic now! I have also added shades and folds in the shirt.




Closeup of last image.







Bubba's face is beginning to emerge now, but we're still not quite there yet. :) I have added some color to his shirt as well.


With a few changes to the background, and Bubba's hair, the faces are finally complete! The shirts need some work to look more realistic though...















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