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Pricing Information
Pencil Drawings

Portrait Prices
"What is a subject?"

1 subject
8" x 10"

1 subject 11" x 14"
14" x 17"
Anything larger
Email for quote
Additional subjects $49.00
Additional subjects
Additional subjects $99.00
Shipping- $9.50

Shipping- $10.00


Additional prints of your portrait can be purchased in 8" x 10" size for only $20.00 each. (buy 5 or more and get them for only $10.00 each).
These make wonderful gifts for family members, and also allow you to keep the original.

  • All of my sketches are drawn from photographs.
  • Be specific about what you would like your portrait to look like, what things you would like added or eliminated, etc.
  • Any photographs sent to me for a sketch MUST be clear. The clearer and sharper the picture, the better the results!
  • I have a 3-6 month turn around time for drawings.
  • A 30% deposit is required before sketch can be begun.
  • If you would like to pay for your portrait online, email me (mail@sketchesbybethany.net) with the information (how many subjects? What size?), and any special instructions, and I will send you an paypal invoice for the (1/3) deposit which you should pay within a week of receiving it. (You will be able to pay the invoice securely online through p
  • aypal).
  • To order via snail mail, print out my Order Form and fill out information. Mail form and 30% deposit in the mail. Request mailing address at mail@sketchesbybethany.net

  • You can make as many as 6 payments on your drawings.


Mural prices

Type A mural
Type B mural
$9.00 per Sq. ft. $22.00 per Sq. Ft.
anything over 100 Sq. Ft. will be $8.00 per sq. ft.
anything over 600 Sq Ft. will be $20.00 per sq. ft.

Prices include materials but do not include travel expenses. I will travel to anywhere in the US.

Note: Depending on what you want done, and how much detail and work is involved, prices may be higher.

  • Type A mural- detail looks similar to this (click to enlarge). *

    or this (click to enlarge):

  • Type B mural- detail looks similar to this (click to enlarge):*

If you have ideas that are not quite as detailed as Type B, but are more detailed than Type A, you will need to contact me for a price quote.

*If you are not sure how much your mural will cost, please send the measurements of the part of the wall you'd like made into the mural, and instructions on what you'd like to have done to it. I will send you an estimate within 2 business days.