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Recent Murals and Paintings (2010-2011)

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This is a copy of Norman Rockwell's "Lineman" painting- done on 5' x 6' canvas for my husband for his office - August 2011
Portrait of boys playing football - December 2010

"Welcome to Cullman!"- Painted on Newman's Laundry building. (10' x 17') - February 2010

"Storytime" daycare mural - Painted at Children's Choice Daycare - March 2010

"Cullman's First High School"- painted on the wall of the Shopper's Guide - April 2010
"Cullman- City of Character"- Painted on Office Supply building across from Carlton's Italian Restaurant - May 2010
Cullman Electric Coop mural- Painted on the Edward Jones building on 2nd Ave, Cullman.
"Use Jazz Feeds"- Restored mural, painted in the Warehouse District ( 3rd Ave), Cullman.

Murals and Paintings from 2006 and Before

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Old Western Town- 3 Foot by 5 Foot pencil drawing for Brandin Iron Restaurant, July 2006
Black Dragon Pool mural, painted on my livingroom wall, April 2006
Rick and Bubba painting, December 2005
Fireman Mural, painted for Electronic Communication Systems - November 2005
Dinosaur mural, painted in my son's bedroom, October- November 2005
Lighthouse Mural, painted for Open Bible Baptist Church - February 2005
Sub Sandwich Propane Tank, painted in our backyard. - April 2005

Other Miscellaneous Paintings

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Caleb, feeding a goose. Painted February 2006 (18" x 24")

B-17 bomber (18" x 24")
Butterfly - Painted Nov 11, 2005
(18" x 24")

Portrait of my husband, James (anniversary present). Painted December 16, 2005 (18" x 24")

Noah. Painted December 19, 2005 (18" x 24")