In Memory of Andrew Craig Hooker
Andrew Craig Hooker was a beautiful, happy little boy who passed away at the tender age of 4.

He will always be remembered in our hearts!


12/10/96 - 01/09/01

Andrew and his sister, Megan.

A few days before he passed away, Andrew got the flu.

The doctors said there was nothing they could do, and they would just have to let it run its course. The night before he passed away, Andrew's grandparents kept Andrew's sister, so his mommy and daddy could give Andrew him their full attention because he was so ill..

That night, Andrew's mommy was writing something with a pen and Andrew said, "Mommy Write on my hand" (His grandpa would always draw on his hands and she said she used to always yell at them for that)

Andrew's mommy smiled and on one hand she drew a heart and told him "Mommy will Always Love You" and on the other hand she drew a cross and told him " Jesus Will Always Take Care of You"

He was so proud of them because he had NEVER been allowed to do that before.

The next day he passed away due to aspirating on vomit. (Nothing to due with his hydrocephalus which he also had)

He still had the heart and cross on his hand... Upon his mother's request, the cross and heart were not taken off, and he was burried knowing his mommy would always love him and Jesus would always take care of him!


Andrew's favorite color was red. His hobbies were basketball, and listening to music. His favorite TV show was Blues Clues.

Andrew had a little security blanket that he kept by his side all the time. His favorite foods were potatoes and crackers, and he loved Mountain Dew.

He loved cats, and his favorite book was "Brown Bear, Brown Bear".

He loved Christmas....his best friend was his grandpa, and his hero was Jesus.

Andrew's mommy has been collecting skunks ever since Andrew died, because 'Andrew was always such a stinker'. She also collects Angels.

A poem by Doris, Andrews mommy on his third anniversary of being in Heaven

(January 9th, 2004)


Sitting there with out a sound
As the drs talked about what they have found
They say their opinion without a second thought
Shocked that Abortion was the only word we caught

They said he would never be like the rest
It would not be easy for us and it was all for the best
He would never do the things other little boys did
They just couldnt understand why any parent would want this kid

I said to them stop, listen and remember
With or without you, our baby will be born this Decemeber
Dont talk about this, that, or the other
He is my son and I am his mother

He was put through what no child should ever have to face
But fought his way strong through God's loving Grace
I always knew that one day he would prove them all wrong
Oh how it came true when he sang his first song

A heart and Cross drawn on both of his hands
Looking back I now know it was all of God's Plan
God showed him a way how to finally fight no more
And took him to Heaven at the young age of four

Andrew was our miracle boy, you see
I get so lonely that he is now not with me
I know that someday we will not be apart
But living here without him breaks my heart

He was a nephew that brought such joy
Grandma's little buddy and Mommy's Drewboy
Megan's bubby, and Daddy's little brat blue
Grandpa's sidekick, and his best friend too

We will never forget the smiles that he brought
The songs that he sang and the fights that he fought
We still thank God for that short time we had
And always remember his smile, on days that are sad.

Written in Loving Memory of My Son:
Andrew Craig Hooker
12/10/96 - 01/09/01

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